Def Leppard on DWTS

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Holy crap. this was so wrong on so many levels. where to begin? let me back up a bit. Def Leppard made an appearance last night on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars results show. yes, I understand that the show’s got a lock on millions of viewers each and every week. I, myself watch the show for the generous display of ummm… talent. and from a marketing standpoint, a DWTS appearance is highly desirable. But come on, a rock and roll band on a ballroom dancing show???? don’t they have ANY integrity left? the appearance just reeked of desperation. it wasn’t pleasant. OK, OK, this was probably some sort of corporate decision from the higher ups but still- the band could have taken the opportunity to remind the general viewing audience that they can STILL ROCK.

Unfortunately, Def Leppard took the easy way out and lip synced to “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and their new single, “Nine Lives” (from their new album - Songs From The Sparkle Lounge). these old rockers mimed to their studio tracks. and very poorly, I might add. the performance was truly lame. I suppose the purpose of the appearance was to gain fans and sell tickets to their summer shows but I think they actually lost a whole bunch of fans by doing this. I know they lost this one right here.

Home makeover with Tanya Memme

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You know, it’s too bad I didn’t make it into the semi-final round of the TriScents “Transform Your Home with Tanya Memme” contest. Lord knows, my home could have used the makeover!! But there are now ten remaining contestants that are up for consideration. these finalists all have pretty good cases for a makeover and it’s up to all of us to decide who should get the $20,000 makeover with A&E’s “Sell This House” host Tanya Memme. I love watching Tanya on “Sell This House” each week. not only does she offer great tips to get your house into marketable condition but she’s funny and definitely easy on the eyes.

You can view all the contestants over at the Renuzit TriScents semi-finalist gallery. be sure to register and vote for your favorite! my pick is for “The Kremens” who recently bought their grandparents’ house which is very outdated and is definitely overdue for some renovations. The Kremens seem to be very personable and they did a nice job in conveying what needs to be done to their home. I hope they win. be sure to cast your vote for your favorite. the contest ends June 7th so get registered to vote as soon as you can. and remember, you can vote for your favorite every day up until the last day of the contest. and don’t forget to watch Tanya on A&E each and every saturday!


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I’m not totally sure why Sean Ellis needed to go back and expand his award winning short, Cashback , into a feature length film. The 20 minute short was perfect as is. the feature film version on the other hand just felt long and pointless. in fact, the highlight of the feature film is the appearance of Ellis’ original short that is pretty much left intact and comes after a rather slow and dull opening sequence that fills us in on the backstory.

In the film, Ellis fleshes out the story surrounding the lead character Ben’s breakup with Suzy and his developing relationship with Sharon. Ellis’ short was fresh and fun but his take on relationships here in the feature length story is riddled with cliches and stuff we’ve all scene countless of times before in other movies. it’s really unfortunate for Ellis especially after all the hype and praise surrounding the Cashback short. there’s really no need to see the film if you’ve already seen the short. … OK, maybe for the gratuitous nudity but that’s about it…